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Our Mission

Creating a platform for all Umuopara people across the world to collaborate and contribute to the development of our ancestral home

Go Team


Bring together all Umuopara people in the world to help bring about development in the economic, educational, health, environmental and all other spheres of life as might be necessary from time to time.

Typing on a Computer


  • Form an online association with international membership across Nigeria, Africa, the USA, Europe and Asia.

  • Meetings will be mostly online, with an opportunity for a grand reunion or celebration every 3 or 5 years. 

  • Membership open to all Umuopara children and anyone with her interest at heart.


Areas of Focus


  • Annual health fairs or biannual health fairs

  • Relationship with a standing pharmacy for basic medical needs for common medical problems to include.

  • DM, hypertension, glaucoma, common antibiotics, anti-malarial medications

  • Relationship with the NYSC or the state department of health to staff the clinics in the villages

  • Eye exams, glasses, cataract surgery procedures or referrals as might be necessary 

  • Dental exams or education and provision of materials to help maintain great dental hygiene

  • Surgical referrals or procedures when appropriate



  • Support the Umuopara schools with books and other educational materials, computer labs with solar powered internet access, 

  • Sponsor the best male and female graduates to the university they match into

  • Sponsor the best SS2 to SS3 student to a one month training holiday in the USA or England or South Africa


Manpower development

  • Industries in the village, liaising with manpower builders to have seminars for our young men on entrepreneurship in Umuopara

  • Provide education on business planning, how to set up, manage, keep accounts.

  • Provide or guarantee soft loans to graduates of business development seminars or meetings.


Environmental development

  • Safe water for everyone

  • Solar powered street lights

  • Critical access roads and drainage solutions

  • Waste disposal efforts and environmental concerns of existing industries in the umuopara villages

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